How To Start a Blogging Business

How to Start a Blogging Business

Blogging business is still one of the best methods to make money online. Everyday tens of millions people read online content about various topics that they are interested in and most of these contents are published in blogs. Are you interested in blogging business? 

Anyone can build a blog that makes money and if you are interested in starting a blogging business, you are in the right place. 

I’ll share everything you need to start a blogging business from scratch. 

Nowadays it is not unusual for blogging businesses to generate $100,000+ in revenue, so if you do it right you can easily quit your job and make money online from your home.

In this post you will learn in 8 easy steps how to build your blogging business:

  1. Plan your blogging business
  2. Choose a name for your blog
  3. Get your blog online
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Pick your blog’s theme
  6. Install some plugins
  7. Create content
  8. Make money blogging


Let the fun begin.

Step 1. Plan your blogging business

This step is really important and yet simple. 

Don’t complicate the business idea just think of blogging as a business, you choose niche or industry that you are either an expert or you are passionate about it.

If you are knowledgeable about a topic or if you have unique experiences in an industry which you can talk about, then you have your niche. I always recommend my clients to choose a niche that they are genuinely interested in.

Step 2. Choose a name for your blog

Think of it as a business, something that people will remember you. 

What I usually recommend is that you should write in a piece of paper a few names or words related to your niche and then start combining words and phrases until something catches your eyes.

Remember, always choose .com domain and if your name is not available as a .com keep brainstorming until you find one.

I recommend to keep the name as short as possible as it would be much easier to say and understand.

You should avoid using hyphens or numbers in your domain name and please avoid misspelled words.

After finding your perfect name you can buy it, but don’t do it yet as I am going to show you how to get your domain for FREE in the next step and if you can’t decide what name to choose contact me and I will help you personally for FREE!

Step 3. Get your blog online

Now for the fun part, it’s time to get your blog live and show it to the world.

If it’s your first time building a website don’t panic, it might seem complicated at first but it’s much easier than you think.

To get your blog started you need a blog hosting (web hosting) and a domain name (which you chose in the previous step). 

Now as I said in the previous step, you can your domain name free using my favourite web hosting company Bluehost. It is incredibly affordable and they have a 30-day money back guarantee. 

They are the most reliable web hosting recommended by WordPress and currently host over 2 million websites.

BlueHost WordPress for Blogging

  • Select your plan which I recommend the basic plan for beginners.

Webhosting Prices

  • Type your domain name in the “Create a new domain” and click “next” to continue.

Connect Domain to Hosting

  • Fill out your billing details and choose your hosting package options.

BlueHost Billing and Payment

  • Create your BlueHost account and password and you are done! 

Step 4. Install WordPress

The best part is Bluehost automatically installs WordPress in one-click right from your account dashboard.

The firs step is choosing a template for your blog which there are variety of free themes that you can choose. 

Blogging Themes

Then you are redirected to building your blog.

BlueHost Start Building

Next, you can choose what type of blog you’ll be having and if you don’t need to these steps simple click on “I don’t need help” and you will be redirected to your blog’s dashboard.

Blogging with WordPress

At last, you will be able to enter your “Site Title” and your “Site Description”.

Launch Your New Website

You are done and you blog is live, it is wise to spend some time to make yourself familiar with the WordPress blogging platform.

Step 5. Pick your blog’s theme

Once you login to the WordPress dashboard you will see the menu bar on the left. 

You will have the ability to make changes to your blog and one of these features are changing your blogs design or theme. 

Everybody has different tase when it comes to their blogs look and design. 

You can easily change the way you blog looks with a few clicks. 

If you click on “Appearance” and then “Themes” you will be able to change or edit your blog’s layout. 

Wordpress blogging platform

You can use free themes from WordPress library or you can use paid themes if you wish to. 

Step 6. Install WP Plugins

Plugins are sets of tools that extend and enhance your blog’s features and when it comes to SEO it is important to have some WordPress plugins that can be useful for your blogs SEO and site speed.

Simply click on Plugins on the left menu bar and manage your plugins. Here are the list of plugins that I recommend. 


Step 7. Create content, Start Blogging

I must say Congratulations! You started your blog and you are ready to post your first content.

Simply click on “Posts” and then “Add New” from you WordPress dashboard to start writing your first post.

Content is the key to crafting an engaging message for an audience and growing a dedicated following.

Quality content will draw in readers and ensure that they remain interested and come back for more.

The best content should be informative, entertaining, and relatable while also being visually appealing or interactive.

A successful blog post should have a clear purpose or goal in mind, be well-organized, free of errors and typos, and written in the correct tone to convey the desired message.

When it comes to creating content, authors need to understand their target audience and what they’re looking for in terms of information or entertainment.

It’s important to pay attention to formatting when creating posts as well—picture placement, headlines, captions, spacing, etc. can all affect how readable a post is.

Additionally, incorporating multimedia elements such as videos or images into posts can help engage readers more effectively than just text alone.

Growing an audience requires consistency and dedication; posting regularly on social media is essential for staying relevant.

Additionally, authors should create relationships with their followers by responding to comments on their posts or engaging with them directly over social media—this allows readers to feel appreciated which can lead them to become loyal followers!

Additionally, utilizing SEO tactics such as using keywords in titles and meta descriptions can help bring more people to your posts; this combined with strong visuals will increase the visibility of your work across search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Step 8. Make money blogging

Once you have posted a few posts and gained some audience you can start making money from your blog. 

You must note that it takes consistency and patient to see steady income from blog so don’t expect to start making money from day one. 

It could take 6 months until you see a steady income from your blog.

There are several ways that you make money from you blog. One of the most used ways is affiliate marketing and our guide can help you a lot. 

Affiliate programs are one of the best ways to make money with your blog.

Affiliates market products or services on behalf of someone else in exchange for a commission when their links generate sales or leads.

You can join affiliate networks and apply for various programs related to your topic, such as hosting companies, ecommerce stores, and even physical product vendors.

Once you’re approved for an affiliate program, you can start promoting products or services on your blog through banners, links, or content recommendations.


Need help?

If you need help in any of the steps please feel free to contact me and I will personally answer all you questions. 

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